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Let us get introduced


More specifically in a small village named “Agras” in the late 80s, the establishers of the company Petkos Christos and Petkos Tryfon began their occupation with agricultural machinery trade, specifically sprayers. A few years later, precisely in 1992, they got involved in the production field and therefore after that time the assembling, making, and trading of the products were being done by the company itself. As time went by and with the actions of its people, the company developed its techniques as much as its work cycle.

In the past...



To this day the company has reached a production level of a fully developed range of agricultural equipment and machinery while it provides ideal solutions for the multiple and frequent difficulties that those who fall under the agricultural industry face. Besides all the above though, the company has broadened its working field to other areas of the industry and trades a fully equipped fleet of machinery, innovations, and in general solutions in relation to everything that is relevant to the industry.


The future...

The company's future

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